[WTS] hel Pilot 18.7 mill sp

im selling a good Hel Pilot (me)

Skill Points: 18,769,534
Unallocated Skill Points:7,147,040
Bonus Remaps: 0
Security Status: 1.54
No kill rights

Full Skill List:https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Ericarry_Kion

I will pay the transfer
Starting bid 18b. Buyout 25b.

23b is my offer

how can you say hel pilot when he cant fly a hel :expressionless:
ps also only has
Skill Points 11,622,494

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Fighter skills and jump skills would be handy. I’ll offer 4b

7 bill

You are forgetting the unallocated skill points.

Skill Points 11,622,494
Unallocated SP 7,147,040

@Ericarry_Kion the skill point listed in top left of your skills window includes the unallocated sp, I’ve edited your title to your characters confirmed SPs.

confirm Skill Points: 18,769,534 SP
include Unallocated Skill Points:7,147,040

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