[WTS] hel Pilot18.7mill sp

im selling a good Hel Pilot (me)

Skill Points: 18,769,534
include Unallocated Skill Points:7,147,040
Bonus Remaps: 0
Security Status: 1.54
No kill rights
skills are focused mainly on Machariel

Full Skill List:https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Ericarry_Kion 18

I will pay the transfer
Starting bid 18b. Buyout 25b.

18B B/O

Not a single carrier or Fighter Skill ??? how could this be a hel pilot ??

The ammount of SP even are not correct in the title …

Smells like a Scam for me …

Please confirm SP status.

confirm Skill Points: 18,769,534 SP
include Unallocated Skill Points:7,147,040

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