WTS High Level Industry Char

Selling high level focused industry character. I used this character as my industry main as well as a PI alt. Minimum offer listed is the lowest I’ll accept otherwise I’m just going to extract.

Positive Wallet Balance
0.0 Sec Status
Located in Ryddinjorn

All production skills V except Drug Manufacturing
Almost all Science Skills IV except a few, majority of those V
Command Center V
Interplanetary Consolidation V
Corp Management V

Total SP: 55.7M and still training
Extraction Value: 36B
Minimum Bid: 40B

25b as friendly pump

35B,Please feel free to contact me for a negotiable price

I was serious in my original post about the minimum I will accept. If I can extract for 36b and it will cost me $20 to transfer the character then I will come out ahead simply buying $20 in plex and extracting below the minimum. That being said if you want to buy for the minimum (40b) I’d accept the offer.