WTS 'Horizon' Faction Fortizar

Jita 4-4


First Decent Offer gets it.


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30b offered

Looking for bit more realistic offers :wink:

Ill offer 35b if you want to sell quick but thats as high as ill go.

Not in a Rush.
I am expecting something about 55b. They Sold a few times already for 75b in market so any more patient player then me could put it into Market and 2-4 weeks later sold.
But I will give it 3-7 Days

Buyout is now 50b anyone who want’s it send me a msg

Highest Offer so far 44b anyone can top that?

I can offer a loggerhead bpc

if u can sell that Loggerhead bpc fast enough u can have for the isk the Citadel :slight_smile:
Can’t be botherd making another post and trying to sell a Loggerhead bpc but thanks for your offer

Still for sale


Still for Sale

Still for Sale get ur Faction Forti now to show off to ur friends!

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