WTS 'Horizon' Fortizar in Perimeter TTT

Rarest faction Fortizar in eve for sale in perimeter. This is the former Caldari research station. Only 114 were ever made, down to 111 in existence due to losses. Current market price is 75bil. Will sell for 65bil. This Fortizar would look amazing in your home wormhole or null stager as one of the best status symbols.

This is worth 45 bil at most, check sales history. The one on market has been up for ages due to being 2x the value.

LOL I’ve sold 3 already my friend, all over 60bil. but thank you for your opinion.

Quick check of Eve Forums on ‘Horizon’ says otherwise, prices range 40-44bil. When you want to sell at actual price let me know.

I personally think this is really cool. GL dude.

I gotta agree with this asanari guy, they are only worth 45 avg atm, just dont want you to rip off some poor soul that wants to buy one vOv

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