WTS Hulk pilot with Copying skills


Has 11,4 m sp
Has all mining crystals spec lvl 4 no moon mining
Cybernetics lvl 5
Advanced lab lvl 5
Exhumers lvl 4

CHar has positive wallet
Char is in highsec station
Char is in an Npc corp ready for transfer
Lets start buyout at 10b

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My daily bump

3b bid

5b bid

5.1 b

k. 5.2 b

6b bid

6.1b bid

6.2 bid

7 bil

Still available?? If so, 10 buyout

Well as it appears this post is dead and this pilot is no longer for sale, I withdraw my offer and will find another one. o7 You really should be more active if your wanting to sell

8B offer

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