WTS Hulk Pilot ++

Koje Lazair

Disclosed Information as per CCP’s Rules

-Positive wallet balance that is below 10 mil ISK
-No kill rights
-No jump clones
-Character location: Amarr trade hub
-Positive sec status

Other Important Stuff:

Koje is a perfect hulk pilot with Exhumers 5.
Koje has nearly perfect reproc skills for all nullsec ores at lvl 4.
Koje has cybernetics 5 so he can be used as a skill point farm.
Koje has mercoxit reproc at 5
Koje has reproc and reproc efficiency at 5
Koje has cyno theory at 4.
Koje has 10.7 mil skill points.

Other skills:

light drone operation 5
Industry 5

Eveboard: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Koje_Lazair just created so hopefully its updated koje is in an npc corp at the time of posting.

Bid starting at 6.5 bil

I reserve the right to revoke my offer.

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9b B/O my offer is valid for 24h

Offer accepted, send isk and account name in game ~

sending isk and account info in 20 min.

Sorry just 5 more min. Computer update

isk and account info sent

Character transfer initiated. There will be a 10 hrs wait due to security reasons on ccp’s part. if after 2 days the transfer does not go through for any reason contact Dalamarr Shimaya ingame and we can work it out ~ cheers

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