WTS Hyper Rag 148 KM Amamake [SOLD]

Basically what the post says. Bought it 2 ish years ago from some Tama nerd and it had 66 killmarks. https://zkillboard.com/character/92296057/ is the killboard journey of that Ragnarok until now.

Starting bid is 95B

b/o is 47,500 PLEX (on public contracts)

Reply or mail ingame with offers

Edit: Due to the recent patch notes regarding build cost adjustments for titans, I have updated my sale ad, increasing the price significantly. I will adjust over the next couple weeks if CCP decides to give more details.

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67b offer


I have a 78B in game mail offer before I edited the post. Will not be selling for that much

lol, if thats true better take it asap



Now you look stupid… lol

no u look stupid fam

Sold off of public contracts for 115B of PLEX. Remove post when possible

Imagine saying that 78b was a great offer and you should sell immediately and 2 weeks later he sells it for 115b.

and you knew about the industry changes 2 weeks prior?

Yeah this is an absurd comment. Also, joins forums to troll. Nice

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Let the butthurt flow.

why are you so salty over my comment? missed your chance to buy it?

Lol, you misunderstand. I agree with you. Jester’s comment was absurd, not yours. My level of butthurt /salt is a resting 2.6/10.

Nothing like dumping your entire hypernet shilled supercap inventory a month before they double in price. Legit!

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