WTS Hyper Vendetta & Hyper Rag

Located in public LS Keepstar
Fittings also for sale as well.

Please Evemail in-game or MeekoGloom#9179

Hot Drop your enemies today!

vend offer 110b

140b offer vendetta
and 115 offer rag

102b offer rag

110 Rag offer

Daily Bump,

Highest Bid for Rag is 120, and 140 for Detta

For reference, the cheapest Rag Hull on Contracts is 145.

I’ll do 145 for the Vendetta

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Bump, latest bid on the Rag is 139 and 147 on the Vendetta.

Only Vendetta and Rag for sale in game at the moment


Are you still looking to buy?

My offer still valid as well :grin:

The lowest I can go is 145, I’m already taking a loss unfortunately. We can chat on discord… MeekoGloom#9179

My offer of 145 is also still good. Can accept in a bit

Contract to me 145 and it’s a done deal. I’ll be home soon.

Whoever bid those 139b for Rag, must have really needed it RIGHT NOW :slight_smile:

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