WTS Inferno Rage Heavy Assault Missile BPO

This is an original blueprint that I acquired years ago. The ME/TE are both at zero only because max ME doesn’t save much, and I have yet to come into any issues with production time. This is a great BPO for profit. Rocket fuel is easily made from PI, and I typically buy everything else on the Jita market.

I’m in no rush to sell this BPO, but I do wish to get the best possible value. You can post offers here and feel free to email or PM me in-game. I’m looking for a ballpark of around 25bil. Every offer here or in-game will get a chance to make a counter-offer until this BPO is sold.

Thanks all.

14 bil

Teeny bump… still taking offers.

daily bump

18b b/o


bump bump… anyone else interested?

Christmas bump…


Final bump… was giving up hope. Lost a few sales in-game… even had a scammer try and pull a fast one. So… if you’re serious, email me in game. I won’t accept anything less than 30bil.


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