WTS ISD corpse

Hello fellow capsuller, today, after visiting my collection of corpse stuck in my freezer i decide to put one out of it…and it’s a special one Screenshot by Lightshot

That’s right ! it’s an ISD body from an event fight and i would like to sell it for around one billion isk, not accepting anything lower unless there is a sound reason of why i should sell it less

I accept, of course, ISK but ship are ok as long they meet the amount of isk i want

Cya in space

Thought it was gonna be a special ISD for that price like barstorlode or golem… Its just a bug hunter ISD.


it’s actualy an ISD corpse

Yea ISD BH(bug hunter). Meaning they find the bugs

aaaah, though you said the corpse was bugged

I’ll have you know that ISD:NEC members rate far higher on the “special” scale than silly ISD:CCL forum tro^h^h^hmods.

That said, judging by your zkill, I suspect this corpse was obtained with the roam that happened June 5th.

ISD Thalack Dalhar
Team Lead, ISD:New Eden Correspondents
Interstellar Services Department


Don’t listen to above. ISD Golem corpses are few and far between. High quality. High Value.


I was also part of the June 5th roam and feel the need to advise any potential buyers that the corpse may be riddled with holes left by 425mm hybrid projectiles. And that can’t be a nice sight…

“High quality. High Value.” therefore sounds like purest CCL propaganda. You’d be much better off with the beautifully sculpted NEC corpses, as ISD Thalack Dalhar pointed out. :point_up:


Yes, i was in the fleet, unfortunaly i am not in the kill that podded the isd because ( couff couff fraternity/snuff ) there a few titans on grids and that amazing tidi fest

Oh hey, I’ve already got one of these. Come back when you get a cooler ISD corpse.

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your bodys are still rare to found tho

What number do you have in mind for this corpse? I have a corpse bay for special things like this :stuck_out_tongue:

around one billion of isk or a ship that is worth around one billion

i’ll give you a quarter bil… not a very special corpse you seen stated above by various ISD’s… I didnt even pay that much for a Dev Corpse. CCP Karkur’s to be exact.

but ccp and isd corpse are rare tho, no ?

not really… considering several CCP/ISD stream every week, you can catch where they are if you pay attention to their names on their screens… And when they do fleet roams and such, great way to kill like the roam on June 5…

aaaaah, i can see why their price are so low

yea unfortunately… Though Id pay to get a @ISD_Golem corpse.

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If you can manage to kill us during one of our weekly streams, I’ll both be impressed and then throw you Team Security’s way. :wink:

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I already know I wouldn’t be able to kill the ISD’s while you guys stream… hehe…

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