WTS Hitlers Frozen Corpse

Hello friends just logged back to eve and found this rare banned relic in Thera

Bids start at 100m



I will make Paleo great again I swear

150 mil



700 mil

I do not take responsibility for whatever things the buyer wants to use the corpse for. Good or bad. Now do you have a offer?

800 Mill (gonna bring him back to Austria)

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… Hidden forever

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after conversing with LSG i am pulling my bid from this auction, as i do not want to recieve something i was not willing to bid on, good luck with your auction though :slight_smile:

Do you accept credit cards?

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I’m afraid I can not accept any other means of payment other then isk or nazi gold.

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I’ll look into moving the corpse into Jita for a direct trade if you feel unsafe accepting a contract from such a honorable man as me.

Trade it to me in Paleo

Sorry just the fact that haz got it and me at a similiar time made me thinking… like why would I get it before he does he did bid more then me.
getting it to jita will help a lot :slight_smile:
Good luck on ur sale

Hitlers corpse is now located in Jita 4 4

Bidding can now start again.


mail sent corpse still available in jita 4.4

Bump. Back from vacation corpse still here in Jita for direct trade.