[WTS] Ishkur BPO ME10 PE20 - Best offer [FINISHED]

As the title says i have an Ishkur BPO ME10 PE20 for sale.

I entertain offers till Feb. 5th 2023. Once reasonable offers are present i will acknowledge that the print will sell.

Last valid bid: Feb. 5th - 18:00 EVE-time
I also add a Sniper rule of 1 hour.


Located in High-Sec 2-3 jumps from Jita.

Just accepting ISK offers.

Thank you.

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130 B offer

Thanks for the offer… might be considered.

Keep it coming!


Thank you. I accept that as a valid offer. This print will sell on Feb. 5th.

I added an end date and a sniper rule.

Keep the bids coming!

Daily bump.

150b highest bid… keep them coming!

up we go…

4 days to go…

3 days to go

Seams like this print will go really cheap to someone if there are no more bids coming in…

That’s not CHEAP for ishkur bpo :smiley:

Can i have it for free ?

1 day remaining

2.5h to go…

Auction closed and contract asigned.

Thank you

tyty got it

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