[WTS] Cerberus BPO ME10 PE18

Offering a Cerberus BPO ME10 PE18

Looking for good offers! Offers could be ISK or other T2 BPO’s or a mix

Of course in hi-sec


150 to get you going.

Is this an auction or just looking for offers? I kind of like the auctions :smiley:


You’d better give a reference price!

Evening bump!

Best offer so far 230b.

250b my offer

260 :smiley:

For this price i would sell the print!

BUT i will give it 2-3 more days if some1 still wants to bid/think about it.
IF not Electric Worry will have it :wink:

So keep it coming :smiley:

275b bid


  1. Also hey Dart o/

285b best offer so far. Will end this Sunday 5th @ 19:00 EVE time. Than this nice print will have a new owner.

Also setting a Sniper Rule of 2 hours!

YES! Conversion to auction successful!


1 day to go…keep it coming!
Don’t forget the Sniper Time :wink:

Less than 2 hours to go…Bids from now on entend the Sniper time by 2 hours.

Otherwise Electric Worry will be the new owner of this print

And we have a winner…contract coming up right away

Accepted. Thanks a bunch

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