WTS Jita v.g Trader, 18,5 mill SP Carrier

(Alicja Bochenek) #1

Character has positive wallet balance, no kill rights, security status is 0.00
2 remaps available. Member of Caldari Provisions.
Located in high sec (Jita).

Starting bid: 16bill
Buyout: 23bill

Those who post here to blame / underprice are welcome as bumpers but won’t be replied.
Anyone who offers less than starting bid neither will be replied.
Ingame mail is not monitored, please forget to make offer there.
Thanks for understanding.

(Yuki Domari) #2

I’ll start with 16 bill

(Alicja Bochenek) #3

up up up

(kirito Moss) #4

17B B/O

(Nikki T kingston) #5

i dont see this toon getting close to 23 im sorry.

(kirito Moss) #6

18B B/O

(Big Gunz Mckenzie) #7


(Reb Michael Klimrod) #8

Guys, you are answering a march post. I hiope the OP confirm is still for sale.

(kirito Moss) #9

19B B/O