WTS Jump Freighter / Blockade Runner / Deep Space Transport Pilot - 35 Million SP



  • Jump Drive Calibration 5
  • Jump Drive Operation 5
  • Jump Fuel Conservation 5
  • Gallente Freighter 5
  • Minmatar Freighter 5
  • Jump Freighters 5

Starting Bid: 25 Billion
Buyout: Not Sure

Positive Wallet
0.00 Sec Status
2 Bonus Remaps
1 Jumpclone Available
Located in Jita 4-4
I Pay Transfer Fee

Good luck!

25 billion





Accepted. Please send isk and account info and then I will contact CCP about transferring.

ISK and account info received. Contacted CCP for the transfer.

isk and account details sent, confirmed

Could you reconfirm that the petition towards CCP to transfer the character with PLEX has been submitted

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