WTS Level 4 Golem Pilot | 22 Mil SP 9.0 standing with Cal Navy


(Roland Udan) #1

Backing up consciousness …
Back up created… Initiating character for Sale! …
Sale initiated successfully…

SP: 22 Mil SP
Corporation: Caldari Provision since 2012
Born: October 4th 2011
Security Status: 3.4
Caldari Navy Standing: 9.0
Caldari state: 6.6
and others
Remaps: 1 remap available + 1 bonis remap available
Extra missile implants and 2 jump clones in High Sec.
Current Location: Jita
Possite Wallet; No Kill Rights
Very Strong Golem Pilot. Served Caldari very well.
Eveboard: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Roland_Udan
I pay for transfer (cash). Highest bidder is the winner.

Happy bidding and best regards
Roland Udan

(Investor Joe) #2


(Shui Zhao) #3

wanto to just split them??? truce? lol.

(Shui Zhao) #4

Well, it seems our other friend wants 18-19B, which is not going to happen… so, I’m posting here to be safe. Sorry.

14.2 B offer…

(Sisa Amatin) #5

14.5 b

(Shui Zhao) #6

14.6 Bill

(TxivYawg1) #7

15 bil

(Shui Zhao) #8


(TxivYawg1) #9

15.5 bil

(Shui Zhao) #10

I just love skill extracting farmers…

(Roland Udan) #11

Good morning fellow players,
For the next hour i will be at home checking the auction. If you are also awake, please reconfirm your highest bid and i will initiate the transfer. Otherwise i am traveling and will re-check the auction in cca 4 hours from now.

(TxivYawg1) #12

still online and isk ready…

(Hei Presto) #14


I can be online after DT

(Sisa Amatin) #15

16.2 b

(f0rrNestgump) #16


(Roland Udan) #17

I am online now. Please log in so we can finish.

(Michele Kalkoken) #18

if he falls through 18B waiting

(Muraba) #19

21 billion

(Roland Udan) #20

sold. initiated character transfer.
1/20/2018 3:12:34 PM UTC Credit Card 1 x EVE Character Transfer €20.00 Paid

(f0rrNestgump) #22

Isk has been in the past, please transfer the characters