WTS Level 4 Golem Pilot | 22 Mil SP 9.0 standing with Cal Navy

Backing up consciousness …
Back up created… Initiating character for Sale! …
Sale initiated successfully…

SP: 22 Mil SP
Corporation: Caldari Provision since 2012
Born: October 4th 2011
Security Status: 3.4
Caldari Navy Standing: 9.0
Caldari state: 6.6
and others
Remaps: 1 remap available + 1 bonis remap available
Extra missile implants and 2 jump clones in High Sec.
Current Location: Jita
Possite Wallet; No Kill Rights
Very Strong Golem Pilot. Served Caldari very well.
Eveboard: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Roland_Udan
I pay for transfer (cash). Highest bidder is the winner.

Happy bidding and best regards
Roland Udan


wanto to just split them??? truce? lol.

Well, it seems our other friend wants 18-19B, which is not going to happen… so, I’m posting here to be safe. Sorry.

14.2 B offer…

14.5 b

14.6 Bill

15 bil


15.5 bil

I just love skill extracting farmers…

Good morning fellow players,
For the next hour i will be at home checking the auction. If you are also awake, please reconfirm your highest bid and i will initiate the transfer. Otherwise i am traveling and will re-check the auction in cca 4 hours from now.

still online and isk ready…


I can be online after DT

16.2 b


I am online now. Please log in so we can finish.

if he falls through 18B waiting

21 billion

sold. initiated character transfer.
1/20/2018 3:12:34 PM UTC Credit Card 1 x EVE Character Transfer €20.00 Paid

Isk has been in the past, please transfer the characters