49 Mil Super Caldari pimped Golem pilot (2006)

(Synnamon) #1


I will pay transfer fee of course:

now in NPC corporation: Deep Core Mining Inc.

Nearly entirely maxed missile skills, max marauders, covert ops 5, logistics cruisers and recons all 5.
near maxed hulk pilot skills and all that go with it.

Perfect refinery skills for jita with standing in caldari navy, also with refining implants on a jump clone there

Current character has following implants and NOT trapped in 0.0 space.
Full 5 piece high-grade crystal implants +5’s slots 1-5
Full 5-piece +5% shield/missile implants in slots 6-10

Speaks for itself: Char made in 2006

Make an offer!: Would like to sell this as soon as possible so may cut in any time and accept the highest bid. Thanks!

Caerik Modain

(Synnamon) #2

Likely to take the first serious offer, any1?

(Synnamon) #3

I’m bumping thiiiiisss

(Investor Joe) #4


(Maizie Fields) #5

35 bil, subject to Caerik confirming by post to this thread that he’s for sale.

/ Thanks for the confirm ;=) /

(Caerik Modain) #6

yeah sorry guys i can CONFIRM, it’s me, was just on a dif account posting. Bid away

(Caerik Modain) #7

truthfully I was expecting at least 40, I’d take a 40 buyout immediately. I could extract out about 30-35 from this myself with extractors.

(Caerik Modain) #8

no1? there’s almost 2 bil in implants alone on this guy, and most 50 mil chars are going for 50…im only asking 40…


(Caerik Modain) #9

bumping, any1 else going to bid? lol

(Caerik Modain) #10

this is SOLD to maizie for 36 billion

(Final Liu) #11

sry can not check the skill info from eveboard.

(Maizie Fields) #12

Confirming. Sending ISK and account info now.

(system) #13

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