WTS Leviathan in Basgerin

60 bil travel

75 with http://evepraisal.com/a/hh00n

Is it on a public keepstar?

yes it is

55 travel

i will do 59 if it does not sell at that i am happy to keep it

70b for leviathan with the complete fit

72.5 and its yours right now, i am heading out to work night shift now i have put up a contract to you for 72.5 if you want it accept if not the sale goes on thanks

if the gentleman above does not accept then i shall place my final offer of 57.5, no more no less.

Shame I bought one a couple of days ago or I’d have had it off you T haha.

I had accept the contract, im sry for the other guys.
And thanks for the contract

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