WTS Loggerhead BPC 50b

as u can see
u can send your offer to me ingame mail to >the molok
is a good chance for u to get a faction fax!!!
im waiting for your offer all the time :smiley:

or u can follow with this topic show me your offer





I’ll take the Loggerhead BPC

which character should i contract?

Same character. Need some time to accept, preferabbly after I sold my Hel.
Feel free to send it to someone else if another offer comes by.

ok while if u got enough isk just send me message in game or follow this topic :smiley:
i would contract to you
also if someone got enough isk before i would contract to another people

Alright. No problem


mail sent

2 days waiting for another offer
if u are highest .i would contract to u :smiley:

I dont understand. Someone offered 50b, you agreed to contract it and then they backed out. I offered the same price and now it is an auction? offer stands for 12 hours after this post otherwise retracted.

contract up

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