WTS Mackinaw T2 BPO *SOLD*

300b straight. obo.

Contract available on public contracts.


looking for a new home

SOLD - pls close

Did u Really sold it for 300b :smiley:

gz btw :slight_smile:


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Congrats on selling it, I worked it out to make the isk back would take over 60 years minimum

Eve Forever

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This is not about making ISk over that

Selling those T2 BPO`s is all about overpricing something already overpriced and finding the right tard to buy it.

Someone did that to Lynx and now, he just made it with someone.

Thats how those eve rare itens works. Thats the same for the utterly expensive ships like guardan-vexor, raven state issue and some others.

Eve <3

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