WTS Market Toon 5B

Reducing my herd of toons, don’t need this one anymore. 8.7m SP Market toon, positive wallet, no kill rights, located in Jita 4-4. Seller pays transfer, ready for immediate sale. 5B firm


I can offer 4b

Nice toon!

4B is too low but thanks for the bump! Still available.

Up to the top!

Show me some Isk!

Still Available!

Offer 4.9B

Accepted 4.9B, send Isk and account name to transfer to.

Thanks. Will do in 30h, far away from PC atm.

Arbor Diplomacy I can match that and send it now.

I accept, send 4.9B isk and account details to Arbor Diplomacy

ISK and account info sent.

Isk and account details received, transfer has begun. Thanks

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