WTS Marshal

(Otto Bismarck) #1

I’m selling my Marshal (Imperium it’s currently in Delve so I can deliver in NPC Delve for you)

Looking for 45bil.
3 Killmarks

#3 Pilot in the game.
Day 1 Marshal
Definately in the Top3 ISK damage done with it.


(Kurvorao) #2

Will trade you 25 bill isk and 18 to 22 bill worth of officer mods

(Kurvorao) #3

Mail me ingame for more details

(Otto Bismarck) #4

sent and bump

(Kurvorao) #5

Check your inbox

(Otto Bismarck) #6

offer denied, if you would like to convert the modules your offering to ISK and then purchase it, then let me know

(Flower Knight) #7

38b. .

(system) #8

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