WTS: Max Skilled Covert Ops Prober (13.8m SP)

I’m trying to see if it’s worth my while selling this on or just extracting everything… here we go…

Character born 24/07/2006

Amarr Frigate/Covert Ops 5 (Anathema)
Evasive Maneuvering, Navigation, Warp Drive Operation @ 5 (can use MWD)
All scanning skills to 5 apart from Hacking which is in training
Cybernetics 5
Amarr Transport Ships 4 (Prorator/Impel)

6 clones

Mid-Grade virtues, 10% scan aquisition and 10% scan rangefinding implants

LOTS of other skills extracted but ready to be re-injected:

Amarr/Caldari/Gallente - Frigate/Destroyer/Cruiser/BC/BS/T3
Amarr/Gallente - Freighter
Gallente - Tactical Destroyer/Industrial

Advanced Spaceship Command, Jump Freighters & Jump Skills

Assault Frigates, Electronic Attack Ships, Heavy Assault Ships, Exhumers, Mining Barge, Mining Frigate, ORE Industrial, ORE Freighter, Recon, Logistics Cruisers, Interdictors, Interceptors

All Gunnery/Missile skills
All support skills (armour/shield/electronics/engineering/targetting/rigging)
All trade skills
All drone skills apart from capital and mining
8 Productions skills, 24 science skills, 26 Resource processing skills


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6Bil offer

You think you can do 8b?

To be clear, i am offering 8b ISK for this toon.

I’m afraid not. Not with current market prices. If this was 2 weeks ago, I might have said yes.

9bil offer

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