WTB Scanning Proficient in point

Astrometric Pinpointing:4
Astrometric Acquisition:4
Astrometric Rangefinding:4
can drive covert ops
ple attach points and prices. thk
8B to 20B, this is the price I can accept

I have a character you might look at located in this thread: WTS 8.6m sp character.

It does need 2387455 skillpoints to satisfy your requirements (Currently has Survey III, and Astrometrics IV trained), all other skills would need to be injected up to your threshold. Character has just over 1.8 Million unallocated sp, so reamining would need to be injected or trained.

All prerequisite for covert ops trained, including Cloaking IV, but Covert Ops skill would need to be injected/trained. Frigate V would need to be covered., Caldari already at IV, Amarr already at III.

Not a perfect match, but also includes Cybernetics V, Cynosural Field Theory V, Learning implants, and a rare/valuable pacifier skin. My asking price of 7 Billion plus 4-5 Large Skill Injectors (still at 400k return due to low overall sp) puts this in the 8-20 B budget you listed.

If you are interested, please feel free to visit my sales thread; if this is not acceptable thank you for reading, and good luck in your search.

I’m sorry that if its price is 7B isk, I think I can accept it. But you still need 4-5 Large skill. I keep my choice.

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