WTS "ME" 5.5m SP Leadership 5 TALONKAW (SOLD)

(Talonkaw) #1

I am for sale 4.8b isk, I will pay for transfer!


Contact 2020Hawk in game.


(Kaav Dryan) #2

buy/out agreed ingame
sending isk and acc info now

(Talonkaw) #3

Sold :slight_smile:

(Talonkaw) #4

Isk received!

Starting Character Transfer now.


(Talonkaw) #5

Character Transfer has been initiated.

(Kaav Dryan) #6

transfer confirmation mail received
thank you

(Talonkaw) #7

Thanks again and I hope you enjoy her company and train her well! :slight_smile:

(system) #8

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