WTS Mining Char - 8,471,254 Kill Points - The Rock Hunter

Skills 8,471,254 Skill points


Great name (well I think so anyway)

Great little mining toon that can mine rocks, gas and ice

Mining barge lvl 5
Expedition frigate lvl 5
Can use exhumers (24 days till lvl 5)

Positive Sec Status (0.0)
Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights

Docked in Amarr

Sansha Industrial Livery skins for Covetor, Endurance, Procurer, Prospect and Retrieviver

I will receive ISK. I will pay Transfer Fee. All other CCP rules apply.

Starting bid 5bil
Buy out 12bil ( I reserve the right to agree a different figure with the right person)

I will sell on or before Saturday 19th Feb - 6pm GMT


Please post skill sheet

So sorry - yes skill sheet would be useful ! Post updated

Bump for the day

5.5B offer

Bump for the day.

Bump for the day -

Last bump - if there is no further interest by this time tomorrow I will sell to Kanatopa @ 5.5 bil

@Kanatopa I sent you a message in game

ISK sent

account sent to you in game

Isk received and char has been transferred - please confirm

Done, thx

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