WTS Mining/PI/Scanning/Core Skill Char 46M SP (3mil unused)

Great starter industrial character. Solid core skills. On the way towards being a foreman with a side of exploration. Even has 3M unused skill points so you can get going in anyway you want. 1 set of +5 implants for training.

Positive wallet balance, no kills rights, located in Jita 4-4. No jump clones. Neural remap available now with 1 bonus.

WTS for 32B or best offer.


I will go with 24B

Appreciate the offers, but still rolling forward.

Dropped the price a bit and made it clear that I am accepting offers, so offer away!

27b offer

Appreciate it, but still not where I want to be at with the economic inflation and what it takes to transfer. I will say, 30b takes it in the next 24hrs.

Having said that, I won’t be on for the next 12hours (going to bed) but i’ll deal with any new offers tomorrow morning.

28B offer

Thank you, but still holding for 30B.

30B, thank you.

Sounds good, go ahead and send it over and i’ll get things started.


Isk & account name sent


Got it and just submitted the transfer. Enjoy!

Received - thank you!

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