WTS 40mill SP Freighter, Orca, Miner toon

Positive Wallet
In NPC corp
Located in Amarr
No Kill Rights

3mill Unallocated SP
Standard Implant set with basic hardwiring

Skillboard still shows in corp but has not updated yet and is in NPC corp

All offers considered, buyouts are welcome, if they are reasonable it will be accepted. Transfer will be started as soon as I confirm bid and isk is transferred to Sticks

22b, which is a little over extractor value. I don’t want to extract it.

If there are no other bids I will accept within 1hr

I’ll be around.

Girl Talk you have won please send account info in game as well as transfer isk, I will start the transfer as soon as I receive info and isk, confirmed 22 bill isk

Sent you the isk and account info. Appreciate it. Thanks!

Transfer started! thank you!

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