WTS Mining TII Pilot 16.7MSP

(Extremly Flexable) #1

Perfect Miner pilot + PI


Plus loads of other skills to decent levels.

No JC’s and located in HI Jita

No kill rights, 5.0

In NPC Corp

Positive Isk Balance.

2 remap available

Make me offer
B/O : 14.5b

(Perpetualed) #2

11 bil

(Maizie Fields) #3

11.5 bil

(Beekillrz) #4

12 bil

(Alexander Helugo) #5

13b bo

(Pharcide Kwok) #6

14 isk ready

(Pharcide Kwok) #7

you got a timeline on when this auction closes?

(Extremly Flexable) #8

No timeline, i wait just a descent bid or a bid close B/O

(Pharcide Kwok) #9

14 isnt a decent bid? i just bought same character as yours for 13b with more sp then this one

(Pharcide Kwok) #10

well my offer stands for another 2 hours then im retracting it.

(Extremly Flexable) #11

i’m not hurry to sell it, thank for your bid

(Pharcide Kwok) #12

okay retracting offer then.

(Extremly Flexable) #13

daily bump

(Extremly Flexable) #14

daily bump

(Extremly Flexable) #15

update BO 14.5B

(Alexander Helugo) #16


(Extremly Flexable) #17

A little strong and she’s your

(Alexander Helugo) #18

sorry I don’t understand what you mean

(Alexander Helugo) #19

ok ill do 14.5 buyout

(Extremly Flexable) #20

ok nice, Offer Accepted 14.5B
I can online about 18h eve time.
it’s ok for you?