WTS Minmatar focused pvp/incurshion charester 39kk sp

35b b/o

32B !!

32.5 b,

33 b ,.,

35b buyout. I’ve sent you a message as well, just waiting for the confirmation and I’ll send the ISK

As a side note, make sure to leave your current corporation to an NPC corporation, as these are the rules in Eve bazaar ( the mods may lock the thread if they notice it ) and it’s also technically impossible for them to proceed with the transfer when you start it, so you have to eventually leave the current corp and automatically join an NPC one before you start the transfer either way. If you’re the CEO of the corp, make sure to resign and cancel all your roles as well, which takes 24 hours before it’s done, then you should be able to leave the corp.

Price accepted at 35 bill

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