WTS Monthly Hosting for SEAT, Pathfinder, Etc

I am an experienced IT professional that is well versed in Microsoft Azure services. As a certified Azure Admin I get thousands each year in free credits and simply want to turn them into ISK. I offer fully managed infrastructure hosting including but not limited to:

  • Reliable month to month hosting, annual payments optional

  • Network security gateway configuration, port adjustments.

  • DNS configuration, custom domain configuration

  • On-going remote monitoring and maintenance (disk alerts, cpu, offline, updates, emergency patching)

  • Published Patching schedule with reliable uptime (99% uptime guarantee outside of patching, refunds for downtime outside of this window)

  • Daily backups with 14 days of retention by default

  • RDP or SSH access for main POC

  • Windows or Linux VMs, 1 Service per VM. Will not configure or support reverse proxies.

  • 1 IPV4 public IP per service

  • Enough RAM/CPU to make your service run as you need it to. I typically host on B-series VMs with Standard SSDs. If you are a VERY high traffic entity we can work out additional resources, but typical EVE services don’t need much to run.

  • 1 Hour response time for any issues, 4-hour resolution SLA (holidays excluded)

Optional Services:

  • SSL installation and configuration via Lets Encrypt or cert you provide - 500m one-time fee
  • Other IT related tasks you don’t want to handle.

Price: 500 PLEX / per month / per service hosted.

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