:dealwithitparrot: WTS Moracha 1.1T (closed seriously this time, mod please lock)

This is the best AT cruiser ever released. None are out there to buy as they are held very tightly.

Some characteristics:
It has a massive tank, has great DPS, great speed, a covert ops cloak, a unique hull. You cannot really ask for much more.

The opening price is 1.1T.

Dark Magni#6890


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I swap you for 3 Hookbills and 2 Thrashers.

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Responses sent to serious persons.

500b to bring you back to reality

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This is me

This is you


500b? Where are we, 2016? So much for reality…

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Closing sale in 24 hours. I will review and respond to bids submitted within this deadline only.

Do you approve virginity of my sister?

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Sale status is now OFFLINE.

And I am very sorry. I will not do bro prices or trade for garbo boat combinations. I need a break as dealing with so many rude negotiators is giving me indigestion. It was won many years ago by people that had to put in tremendous effort, and has survived all this time to be here.

I will refer all Moracha buyers to the below thread where there is a cheaper one for 1T.

Oh this megalomaniac style, begging for attention… :slight_smile:
Is your 2nd name Cody?


I’m not that poor.

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This is my offer how about you give me the ship plus 2B to take it off your hands.

get your own toys

Sale closed sorry, seriously this time and even for 1.1T. Mod please lock. I refuse to respond to any more wheeler-dealers.

Bore off mate


It wasn’t him that necro’d this thread with a stupid reply…

Im also here

Say goodbye to this sales thread, and this Moracha boys.

I figured out how to close it myself, dont worry moderators.
Edit - I cant figure it out, need help