WTS Moracha & Fiend BPC

650 bil, It’ll be in a lowsec station close to Jita. Hull and Abyssal fit worth like 10 bil max so not worried about it.

Selling Fiend BPC for 450 bil. No worries with having the move a hull and dying.

Gimme isk for a new modo.

Easiest way to get ahold of me would be discord since i barely logon to this shitty game.

CJ Agnon #6276 is my discord

Open for a trade?

Not really, I’m getting tired of being too shitty at this game to use my at ships

Unless if its for a fully fitted modo lmao

Okay. I starz with 370 then

10 4, last one sold for 650 bud. Ill let you know if noone else bids tho

Almost 50% off

I pay reasonable prices not illusionary prices

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Anyhow. Good luck with your sale

Its a unique model and with inflated isk numbers nowadays I don’t consider that “Reasonable”, no hate, just saying.

Okay. Correction: i pay inflated prices not mentally inflated prices

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Yeah bud, I couldn’t get PL to part with one for 650 bil a couple months ago, so we’ll see, for anything less than 650 ill keep it and probably lose it too without a estamels fit :stuck_out_tongue:

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:blush: preciate the bump my guy

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Should sell my for 800 :thinking:

Go for it.

Because thats for poors

Says the guy who was trying to buy a Moracha for about 6 months

Updated with the Fiend Bpc

Still around message me on Discord

Bump still for sale