WTS: Multiple toons 6.2m+ SP Cyber 5, Cap Production, PP (ALL SOLD)

I am selling 6 toons with Cap build lvl 1, PI (PP) lvl 4, Cyber lvl 5, SP farm capable

SP 6.2m Lauren Chelien SOLD
SP 6.2m Milana Orlenard SOLD
SP 6.5m Racheal Charante SOLD
SP 6.4m Asha Rotineque SOLD
SP 6.2m Valori Madullier SOLD
SP 6.2m Quinza Alabel SOLD

Information about them:

  1. All toons have a positive wallet.
  2. All toons have no kill rights.
  3. All toons have no jump clones.
  4. All toons are located in high sec (Duripant).
  5. All toons are in a NPC Corp.
  6. All toons have a positive sec status.

Confirm for sale

Confirm for sale

Confirm for sale

Confirm for sale

Confirm for sale

Confirm for sale

4.5 Bil for Rachael Charante

Thank you for the offer I will keep it in mind

All still for sale

Offer withdrawn, Character sourced from elsewhere.

Ok thank you for letting me know

Still for sale. Willing to make a bulk deal

I would take Racheal Charante for 6B. If you accept reply and ill send isk+ account name

Accepted. Send the isk and account info please

isk + account name sent to Racheal

Isk and Info received, thank you

We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on your account until the process is complete, but will not be playable during this time.

Character Name: Racheal Charante

Will be completed after: 7/5/2018 10:19:04 PM

confirmation received, pleasure doing business :slight_smile:

Hey would it be possible that I send you the ISK for Asha Rotineque but you wait for 1 day with the transfer? Need to delete a char of an account first

Ya, just send the isk and account info and let me know when your ready for me to send.