❎ WTS Multiple Toons from 2006 to 2015 perfect Starter or SP Farmer

Bumpdabump, still chars on sale

Bumpdabump, still chars on sale

Email bid sent for Kawi Ta and Tina Century

Bumpdabump, still chars on sale

Email bid sent for Exchanger Yotosala

Just making sure, PLEX transfer is not possible anymore.

Just did, it cost 1k Plex to transfer, u have it in ur accound to transfer

Im pretty sure, that it doesnt work. I mean thats why they made a sticky thread about it?
Could you confirm, if it actually went through? And where did you start it? Because GMs wont do it anymore.

Thanks for the Info, will update my Post.
So now every Seller have to update Prices.
20$ is not less money…

Yeah, i dont think there is any value in 50k sp toons anymore, if you can creat new toons with 600k sp. I still wish you the best of luck seeling those toons. As long as you get more than 1,3b ISK its still better than buying PLEX directly (20 bucks = 500 PLEX).

Mostly selling to Dudes who want the AGE of the Char, not the SP :slight_smile:

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isk has been transferred

Character sended :slight_smile: have fun


Still some for sale!

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