WTS my 2010 53Mil SP Industry toon (CLOSED, SOLD TO GINA TONIC)

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Selling my Toon, was mainly focused Industry and Hauling
Positive isk wallet
3 clones available (Current clone has all +5 skill implants)
No kill rights or Negative standing
in Neutral Corp
Located in Moon 4 of Jita
Omega Status
No unallocated Skill Points
Minimum buyout 28 Bil. Will sell today/tomorrow

28B buyout (I guess buyout means it’s not a bidding auction so you can sell reight away)

29 bil

ok will sell to you

I ready to pay 29B too if you confirm I’m the buyer :slight_smile:

idc whoever is ready lol xD

I’m ready, will send you ISK and EVE mail with details shortly

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WOOOOah ok 31 Bil

you were outbid

Uh, okay, was already sending the ISK but feel free to sell to the new outbidder

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29 bill rdy immediately

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isk and account info has been sent

Character received. Thanks for a smooth transaction.

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