WTS my Low-sec Home and Capital building infrastructure for 3 bil

Selling Low Sec Structures for 3bil (little less than Jita buy price):

  • Astrahus with clone bay
  • Raitaru rigged with Thukker rig for building capital parts
  • Athanor with reprocessing module rigged with T1 ore grading processor to improve ore reprocessing yield

LS system has a direct connection to High Sec and is very very close to Amarr
System also has a Station, and ice belt and very good PI planets so you have everything you need to be able to build fuel blocks as well. I was building the capital ships in the station once I built the parts in the Raitaru.

Perfect opportunity for a smallish industrial corporation.

Reason for selling and why only 3 bil: My son has just been born and I am taking a break for a while from the game to focus on family, so need to sell it fast. Structures are fueled for ~7+ days.

First come first serve and price is now negotiable.
Make your offer and provide your in-game character and I will send you details in eve mail.


Congrats! Hope you names him after a ship…Enjoy your time but come back soon!

Best of luck to you and little Atron.


lol, thanks!
Little Daredevil says o/ :slight_smile:

Up up up, still for sale

Daily bump, still for sale

Daily bump

capital building infrastructure…which can’t actually build caps.

that’s just your opinion man! :slight_smile:
You can build capitals in the Station which is the place buyers want it delivered to, so… and besides, show me a rigged Azbel for 3bil for sale anywhere in LS in EVE…

Still for sale btw

Daily bump

daily bump, price is now negotiable

Daily bump

Up up up you go!

There is nothing about an Azbel in your first post.
Good luck with your sale and your newborn son!

Mail Sent! I am very interested.


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