WTS Wormhole C2 - Null Static/C5 Static

Citadel currently has 2 Subcap Combat fit Astras with clone bays and an Azbel. This wormhole is perfect to roam null and farm the C5 out of. I have a bunch of rolling Megas I can sell with the hole too. The Azbel is T1 Cap Efficiency Rigged and has a cap shipyard with a standard anti-subcap fit.


Is this still available?
Have you got a price?

It is still available. I would like to sell it whole with the Azbel, was kinda looking for offers. The Astras are worth a little more than 1.6b a piece, the Azbel about 13b. At this point I’d honestly settle for 18b-20b for the hole + the Citadels and remaining fuel, throw in a Charon for free and all the rolling ships (I think there are about 6-8 rolling megas left in it and some other ships I’ll toss in as well)


Still for sale

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