WTS Structures in high sec rigged with cores

Hello ladies and gentlemen
I managed to get some high sec structure (located in Caldari space) rigged with a core in each of them (4 raitaru 1 astrahus and 1 Athanor)
All of them has a core and has a T2 rig
Raitaru for reasearch (ME and TE with T2 rig)
Raitaru for invention and blueprint copy T2 rigs
Raitaru for ship construction (medium and large ship basic construction T2 rig)
Raitaru for Drone and fighter industry T2 rig
The Astrahus has T1 rigs for combat
And the athanor has the T2 Asteroid Ore Grading Processor rig

You can buy them all or buy just one, for your corporation.
You can send me your offers in private and location will be shared in private too.

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