WTS myself Blockade runner/cov-ops Cyno 5 - 11,758,241 sp


No kill rights
0.0 standings
positive wallet
4 Jump clones located in low sec and high
Character will be in Jita.

Was created specifically as a Black Ops fuel depot cyno return. Some scanning skills.

Starting bid 5 Bil
B/0 8 Bil

5 bil.

Daily bump

Daily bump

Daily Bump

5.5 bil

8 bil

Accepting the 8 bil buyout offer if you’re still interested. Eve mail me account name and send isk, and I will begin transfer.

Completed operation

Received isk and started transfer.


26 Nov 2018 21:14

EVE Character transfer

Payment Method


Account Information

EVE Character transfer




All prices shown in USD

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