Wts nag toon 15m sp


T2 siege, t2 guns. Comes with FULL GENO SET + Cap 105 + 6% tracking + 5% Surgical strike.

Wallet balance : Positive

Kill rights : None

Jump clones : None

Character location : Jita 4-4

Starting bid 20bil
B/O 25bil

post with Nick Dukem19 on this thread to prove you own him

As per your previous post selling this toon:

My offer of 20b still stands.

This guy is for sale. Come get some !

Ah your eveboard link confused me, http://eveboard.com/pilot/Nick_Dukem didn’t need the 19

Edited :slight_smile:

Suxrab pm me in game

Still for sale? 20.1 B if it is.

It is, waiting for the 14 days minimum of character life.

character is for sale and 14 days old, ready for transfer. shoot me your offers

isk transfered from Suxrab, transfering character.


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