WTS T2/T2 Naglfar Dread ALT 25.5m SP

NPC Corp … just drop corp so skillboard will update soon …
T2/T2 Naglfar Dread Pilot
Can Fly Inties
T2 Capital Turrets / T2 Siege
No Kill Rights
Positive Wallet
Will use Plex for Transfer…
25b B/O taking offers

20b b/o ready

me 25b!

25.5 bil

hey guy is my first purchase price B/O 25b
NO Starting Bid 25b

You offered 25 bila s an immediate buyouy, I am offering 25.5 billion as a buyout

OK 26b B/O

26.5 :slight_smile:


27.5, this is fun

28 b.

28.5 bil

Destiny jade i accept your offer please send isk and transfer will start immediately

no isk has been sent character is still for sale… onliIne and ready to start transfer immediately

25b B/O

offer accepted as destiny is not responding to ingame or out game msg’s need this sold today… send isk and account info ingame for immediate transfer

in game repsonse recieved and will send once recieved isk and aaccount info

pay isk

confirm isk has been recieved and account info recieved starting transfer now

TRANSFER HAS BEEN INITIATED THRU CCP… thank you for your business