WTS 2x Focused Dread Toon

First a naglfar toon, 20.8m sp with 300k unallocated. 13 Days to JDC5 currently
Dread 5, T2 guns, T2 siege and quite clean KB
Only implants is seen on ESB
2 Bonus Remap

Starting bid at 21b, CURRENT BID: 21.5B


Second a Phoenix Toon 34.8m sp 250k unallocated
Dread 5, T2 guns, T2 siege and optimized for SP farming atm (minus the implants)
Omly implants as seen on ESB
0 Remaps

Starting bid at 35b SOLD


Both have positive wallet, in NPC corp currently, no kill rights and in jita/perimeter

confirmed for sale

confirmed for sale

20 billion for the Nag pilot, can send isk immediately upon confirmation.

25 bil for Sneaky

20.5bil for nag pilot.

cash available.

thx to the three of you for the bummps

21B for Nag pilot

thx for the bid, will let it run till a decent price/buyout is offered!

21.5 b for the nag

phoenix pilot is sold

current bid for nag is at 21.5


to the top


27, **** it, gimme gimme I want that name

Confirmed and ticket in

Both toon sold!

people that bump posts with alts are bad

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