WTS 2x Focused Dread Toon

(Mad Vemane) #1

First a naglfar toon, 20.8m sp with 300k unallocated. 13 Days to JDC5 currently
Dread 5, T2 guns, T2 siege and quite clean KB
Only implants is seen on ESB
2 Bonus Remap

Starting bid at 21b, CURRENT BID: 21.5B


Second a Phoenix Toon 34.8m sp 250k unallocated
Dread 5, T2 guns, T2 siege and optimized for SP farming atm (minus the implants)
Omly implants as seen on ESB
0 Remaps

Starting bid at 35b SOLD


Both have positive wallet, in NPC corp currently, no kill rights and in jita/perimeter

(SneakyHobbitses) #2

confirmed for sale

(Naglfar Bonus Wave) #3

confirmed for sale

(Bernard Amatin) #4

20 billion for the Nag pilot, can send isk immediately upon confirmation.

(Kenzee Leusten) #5

25 bil for Sneaky

(sin Alarma) #6

20.5bil for nag pilot.

cash available.

(Mad Vemane) #7

thx to the three of you for the bummps

(unit 12) #8

21B for Nag pilot

(Mad Vemane) #9

thx for the bid, will let it run till a decent price/buyout is offered!

(Bernard Amatin) #10

21.5 b for the nag

(Mad Vemane) #11

phoenix pilot is sold

current bid for nag is at 21.5

(Mad Vemane) #12


(Mad Vemane) #13

to the top

(Mad Vemane) #14


(Kir Cesarevich) #15

27, **** it, gimme gimme I want that name

(Mad Vemane) #16

Confirmed and ticket in

Both toon sold!

(Aizu Yaichi) #17

people that bump posts with alts are bad

(system) #18

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