WTS NAGA Serene Song Skin 200 b

this beautiful skin on sale for 200 bil. isk It is not possible to find in tranquility. No market records. No history.
Edit : One person with great eager spot total 15 sell \o/ long long time ago. thanks for his patience!
Still not possible to find though :slight_smile: so good luck

Second Edit : Someone tried to prove that its not Serenity server skin and shared a partial printsecreen from CCP post to create deception … i have sent real link down there … Thanks to him also for contribution… Well as a result its a Serenity skin and " years ago CCP introduced these skins to tranq. servers.for short time since than only 15 of them seen in Jita.

I guess that info enough to classify skin as a RARE item …

So far i would like to say thanks to everybody in the post who try to throw mud… end up with just prroving how much preacious it is actually

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100m offer

Jita 200 bil is price .

200 bil isk . Im not selling this skin for my own behalf … will be used for Fund Raising… You go and buy in metropolis . let me help you.

Pretty skin. I’ll do 150 mil

sent something English please so people can understand … . There is not even single sell and buy order recorded with that price…for along time… That zero zero goes down all the way down… i dont care how many years ago sold 1 bil each…after serenity server down …

This one is 200 bil. its not scam … if you can find and buy with that price go ahead and buy it market is there…

…Its one of Serenity server skins. and YES its beautiful, and yes income will be use for the Phoenix fund … so please buy it from market … not from me …

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(160m offer)

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This items price is 200 bil

if you can find it in market buy it for 160 mill…

okey why you offer this price? really do you have any respect? atm at eden store a common BC skin cost 55 plex. and this means 155 million isk at jita price. So why you troll other people? do you have mental disorder? or psychological problems?

so I want this skin. I dont have isk. I hope some one who dont know skins real price and… I opened a buy order at Perimeter. I did not harass other people. I dont troll others. I dont beg. Just do true way how a capsuleer should do it. I OPENED A BUY ORDER.

by the way when i turn back to jita i will increase my buy order to 200m. And Hope who dont know real price of this skin enter my trap…

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:slight_smile: 40 mil profit for him there :slight_smile: if he can find the skin of course :))

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