WTS Nyx Amamake - Sold

Offers, etc.

40b offer

41 B offer


hull only?

Its Hyper Rigged right now.


Do you accept PLEX?

Yes I do

Then I’ll bid 8,855 PLEX @ jita split, which is 42.5 Billion

The current high bid is 42B and I’ll lose at leat 1.5B on any taxes I pay selling the PLEX. You’ll have to up it a bit.

Do you mean that if I have to up the bid or up the PLEX rate?
The rate I bid the PLEX is 4.8 m btw.

The bid, 42.5B minus taxes on PLEX is less than 42B. If you’d like, you can message me in game to discuss this further.


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