WTS NYX Basgerin

Nyx x 1
Capital Trimark Armor Pump II x 3
Oxygen Isotopes x 50k

Location: Basgerin

Price: 16bil

Optional fittings and drones: https://evepraisal.com/a/knii5

bump bump

what is love

baby don’t hurt me

don’t hurt me

no more

I’ll give you my love [20.0 b isk] but you don’t care…

Updated with new price and optional with or without fittings and drones.

yes very good lets go

how much with fittings and drones?

I can do 24.5 bil with fittings and drones.

20bill with fitting and drones money ready

No thank you, 20 bil is too low.

Can do 21B for the full fit

No thank you, 21 bil is also too low for me.

22.5b with fitting and drones

Can you do 23 bil?

sorry 22.5 is my final


this character is ok