WTS Nyx Focused Toon, can Fly Minokawa too

Selling this Nice Nyx Focused toon.


Positiv Wallet
In NPC Corp
No Killrights
Located in Highsec

Starting Price is 59B

B/O Reserved

Confirm im for sale

53 bil

Thank you for your Free bump

thats to low. starting offer is 59B

Bump to the Top.
Nice Nyx Toon searching for a new Home

Nice Charr still Looking for a new home

54b isk

we reach a point i cant resist, think for 56B i can let him go

54.5 bil

56b and u got it

56 bil

accept ur off send Isk and Account Info. i will open support ticket Asap

Is Mikeli Soth logged in for a convo?

Account name and isk sent. Awaiting transfer

suppor ticket was created. thanks for buisness

account received

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