Selling a lot of Toons

Selling some of my Toons that i cant use anymore.

Exploration/scanning/t3 Cruiser toon (starting Price 37B)

Nyx Focused and beginner Minokawa Toon. (starting Price 56B). [SOLD]

Bombers Bar Focused Toon (Manticore) (starting Price 9B) [Sold (starting Price 15B). [SOLD]

All Charrs will be in NPC Corp soon (maybe ESB will be update)

All Got Positiv Isk

No Killrights

and All Located in Highsec.

Confirm im for sale

Confirm im for sale

Confirm im for sale

Confirm im for sale

35b for queen

12.5b for endangered

Lets do both
Send isk and Account Info
Will Open an Support Ticket After work.

all sent

Support Ticket was created

Other Caracters are still avaible

Char received

50b for mikeli

51 B for mikeli

53b for mikeli

thanks for the Offers but a littl bit to low.

56B is a fair Price for this amount of SP i think

53.5b for mikeli

Its under starting Price.
But thank you for the offer, but i wont accept it.

Bump for the day
Still sone Pilots avaible

Bump of the day
A few charrs still avaible

36 bill for queen

37 and its yours :wink: