WTS Nyx Pilot. 72.8m SP


(Nytebringer) #1


Character is in NPC corp and has positive wallet and sec status. Character is located in Basgerin keepstar.

HG Ascendency implants.

Starting bid 40b
B/O 60b

(Lily Bukandara) #2

i will give 45b

(Hibiki Aurobindo) #3

46B bid

(Lily Bukandara) #4

47b bid

(Ishee Makara) #5

50b B/O

(Cap Alberto Bertorelli) #7


(Nytebringer) #8

52b b/o accepted - sorry i didn’t check in-game mail!

(Cap Alberto Bertorelli) #9

ISK and accountinfo send

(Nytebringer) #10

isk received and character transfer started! Enjoy it!

You have chosen to transfer the character Nytebringer to the account named xxxxxxxxx.